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Proof of God!!

You can’t prove god exists, and I can’t prove he doesn’t!

Sure, there are all sorts of philosophical angles you can take on the issue, but in the end, no one can prove anything.

What you CAN do is present theories based on subjective observations. They can be beautiful and quite functional theories that meet some of our emotional needs, but they are theories none the less.

You can present ancient writings from other cultures that express everything from of wisdom writings through to the nature of various divinities, but you can’t “prove” that this god is actually real.

You then have to ask yourself what “proof” is. What I find extraordinary is so many christians saying that if you can’t see the “proof” in everything around you then you are [insert derogatory name here]. But of course, if it’s not obvious through examining all the evidence, then it isn’t proof at all. Proof, by the very nature of the word, means there is no ambiguity or doubt. The worst “proof” offered however is the bible. Irrespective of however one may interpret the writings in the bible, they are still subject to the same demands of proof. As I say, if the bible was indeed proof, there would be no ambiguity and everyone who read it would be convinced. The bible is like any other sacred writings – full of interesting cultural stories – myths and legends, various types of wisdom, justifications for cultural traditions etc… everything except “proof” of god.

I just recently saw a video from a highly qualified physicist who claimed that the theories about the big bang being caused by quantum fluctuations, that are pretty much universally accepted in the field, are proof of god! Sorry Mr Professor, they are simply proof that there is a greater level of physics that we don’t understand yet.

And as for atheists (yes, you don’t get away unscathed either), you can dismantle theology entirely and present absolutely convincing arguments for the non-existence of a deity, but at the end of the day, you still don’t know. At best you can only really call yourself agnostic, simply because you don’t know what you don’t know!

Having said all that (as I often do, lol) feel free to believe whatever you want, but the moment your beliefs turn to dogma and become “truth” you have slipped over into self delusion, and that’s a topic I’ll leave for another blog!

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  1. Dexter N Muir
    Dexter N Muir says:

    I can provide proof he doesn’t! God is an idea, a thing, and not thing exists *of itself* – all *things* have cause and effect. Basic Buddhism, 500-plus years B.C.

    • itslifejim
      itslifejim says:

      Although I totally agree with the Buddhist principal, and in fact I find Buddhism far superior to christian beliefs, it’s not actually “proof”, it’s just another idea, albeit a good one in your and my understanding 😉

  2. John Richards
    John Richards says:

    As you correctly indicate, Jim, proof requires absoluteness: ‘no ambiguity’, as you put it.
    Since we’ve never discovered anything absolute and cannot succeed in making anything absolute, it’s reasonable to conclude that everything is relative, as we observe, not absolute.
    Therefore, proof is not available in the Natural Realm. We have to make do with evidence.
    Of course we can conceptualise ‘absoluteness’ and ‘proof’ and Mickey Mouse. There are no limits in the Conceptual Realm.


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