Every so often those Facebook memories pop up, or I read an old blog from a few years ago, and I often cringe at what I used to think, despite the fact that it was all very reasonable and profound at the time.

But my thoughts seem to be ever changing, and dare I say growing? I don’t think I could ever settle comfortably in one set of “beliefs” and philosophies. Just when I think “that sounds reasonable” I start to see holes in it and move on.

I guess there are underlying streams of thought that remain fairly constant these days, but I’m reasonably comfortable now with uncertainty.

I think that’s one of the problems we face as a species – our desire for security through dogma. Life is an amazing adventure, and finding security in that simple fact is life changing! I’m slowly learning that it’s OK to be wrong – to not know – and to challenge myself (and everyone else) to let go and be at peace with change itself.

The nature of the entire universe is change – nothing remains constant – nothing stays in place. Our physiology is a constant stream of change, and when we “die” our bodies simply change into other forms of matter and energy.

Change is life in all it’s glory!

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